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Blush and not be Slapped

In Glam Look Critique on June 7, 2010 at 1:45 pm


(Figure 1 – Badly applied blush
and the wrong shade)        

     (Figure 2 – Well applied blush
        and the correct shade)

One can always tell when blusher has been badly applied no matter how well trained the Makeup Artist, one would still expect better, and notice when its done well.

And the title of this post says it all. So here’s the explaination of my reason below:

In Figure 1, the model on the left blusher shade looks like its been applied by the paint by numbers method which makes her look harden.  This model is heart shaped faced, so the blusher shade should have extended from her cheek to her temple without any break in the application of colour.

In Figure 2, whilst the model on the right has the same face shape of a heart, looks so elegant. Why, because of that gentle C-curve which the blusher brush took, that extended from the angle of  her corner mouth and up towards the temple of her arched brows, that makes the blush seem most natural. Wonderful.

Therefore, I hope one realises now the importance of using the correct blusher technique for the required face shape, so no-one has to ask “are you alright dear, as you look a little off colour…”  because if you choose the wrong blush hue or tone also, you will age your self and destroy all makeup application.

As the example of the model on the left (in figure 1) who has a warm undertone looks older with that ‘Terracotta’ brown blush and looks over-baked due to that added warm colour that she didn’t need at all, she would’ve been better off with a cool-toned shade; a red wine hue to contour the hollows of her cheeks, then a strawberry colour on the apple of her cheeks and highlighted peach on her cheekbones, and that would have resulted in matching with the same healthy glow from applied blush in a gradient effect, as clearly the model on the right (in figure 2) who has a cool undertone who’s wearing that same ‘Terracotta’ brown blush shade that look so so wrong with the model on the left, however she looks wonderful for it; after having been warmed up by that specific colour as she so needed it justifiable. 

In short, if the right technique and the correct blusher shade for the skintone isn’t adhered to, the only thing that will stand out is your mis-use of blush.