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Glam Eyesbrows are a Vital Factor

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Beautifully shaped eyebrows act as a frame to set off your eyes, just as your hairstyle sets off your face and a picture frame sets off a beautiful painting. It’s no exaggeration to say that brow shape can make – or break – your glamorous look.


Eyebrow Terms:

The eyebrow has three major points. The first one is the beginning (Begin Brow) which of course starts where eye starts. The second point is the arch (Point of Arch) which starts where the iris ends. And the third point is the end (End Brow) which is where the eye ends.



The Different Eyebrow Shapes

The eyebrows compliment the face and can drastically change your appearance.


However, the best I’ve found for the naturally round shaped eyebrow, to groom them into an appealing form, is to reshaped them without over plucking them or doing anything extreme to their natural roundness is by using a soft-angled arch in conjunction with a curved bottom arch.

For this specific eyebrow shape has a soft angled arch of the brow, with a sleek inner corner at the start of the brow, followed by a curved bottom and short tail end (see picture on left) which is most suited for a round face and/or someone with almond-shaped eyes, which I have naturally both, so I now do this method for eyebrow shaping and grooming and it works rather well with eyeglasses too.

And this eyebrow shape is so suitable, as it gives that ‘Mysterious’ look to a round face female as in “I know something you don’t know’ look that’s intriguing and super sexy (see picture on the right) as well as being feminine. As this shape of brow will also lift the whole eye area, making it look much larger, especially when counter balanced with smokey eyeliner smudged along the lower eyelids.

Eyebrow Pencil Colour Chart

Always choose a brow colour that matches or flatters your hair colour and skin tone.

In general, one can use natural-looking brows for day by filling in lightly, and stronger, more dramatic brows for evening by applying the pencil more intensely.

If you make a dramatic change in your hair colour, or you turn grey in hair, then  lighten or darken your brows accordingly.

In general, you’ll find more colour choices in powder brow colours by using eyeshadow instead of eyebrow pencils, but both do the job.

Experiment with a few shades to find your best look – perfectionists can even blend 1-2 colours together for a custom effect.

Sharpen pencils before every use for precise shaping, but then soften the end for a feathered application. If you use powder formulas, wash the brush and air-dry after every 2-3 uses. The brush will drag, skip, and spill too much color if it’s overloaded with powder.

Hair Colour Eye Brow Colour
Ashy, cool tones, brown or blonde Ashy, cool tones, light-to-medium brown
Red or with reddish highlights Auburn or brownish-red
Platinum Blonde Taupe, light brown, medium brown
Golden /Dark Blonde Medium brown or golden brown
Brunettes Dark brown
Black Dark brown or charcoal black
Grey or White Medium brown or slate grey