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Glam Makeup Experiment

In Try-Out Makeup Looks on June 7, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Eye Glasses Wearing and Makeup Experiment:

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=wearing+eyeglasses&iid=5195697″ src=”5/e/f/f/portrait_of_a_d87f.jpg?adImageId=9541071&imageId=5195697″ width=”234″ height=”174″ /]And personally, I’m not happy about not making better use of the eye crease area and brow-bone, (also see video tutorial: Wear Eye-glasses) and this is because when looking at this area, one sometimes sees three lines going across the top rim, which can distract the viewer looking at your eyes easily (see picture on left) when wearing eye-glasses, so applying eye make-up one has to take into account yourself in the mirror, the eventual viewer, and the thickness/thinness of the top rim of the glasses frames.  

Nor, am I particularly happy about doing an outer v shape when wearing glasses with a darker colour in eyeshadow in that outer corner eye position, for I think its purpose was solely for those non-glasses wearers to help stretch their eyes to be an almond shape.   

So its a pointless eyeshadow technique for me; as I have that shape naturally already, and I think it became a method that everybody did it; regardless of whether its appropriate or not. Secondly, it doesn’t follow the natural line of the eyeglass handles, so I think looks abit awkward when viewed from the side. And thirdly, it doesn’t really add to the eye shape due to the eye glasses handles already enlongating that side area, without the need of eyeshadow makeup, thus it can all look clustered around there.  

So I’m going to try a different eye makeup glasses technique to see what happens, (see method on right) as I want that those multiple lines to merge away, with an appropriate eyeshadow colour and this would make, I believe if the eyeglasses frame is not black (which are more like making a statement) and are in another colour, the eyes to come even more forward without them being cut off from being viewed when wearing eyeglasses.  

Therefore, I’m going to try against my red-violet eye-glasses the colour combinations of: rust and orange for the cease area, and the colour sunburst for the brow bone and centre lower lid area as makeup to cancel out the red-violet rim frames of my glasses, also to give it some dimension, I’ll add a slightly bold colour just under the start of brow bone area to help lift the eyes more. I’ve attached in PDF format my own design of a face chart: Eyes Come Forward, and the makeup colours came from using: New 26 Pro EyeShadow & Blush Combo Palette [PE06], in addition, I will be using a eye-liner pencil in a bright rose colour for the lower eye water line and a sugar plum colour underneath on the lower lash line: 1. being my skin tone, 2. being the eye-liner pencil, 3. being the eye waterline and 4. being my iris eye colour. And I will be also attaching the picture on the right to the back, as a reminder too (see ‘Makeup Ideas Video Tutorials – Part 1’ on how this was done). And the highlight colour under the brow-bone outer half is peach: 1. being my skin tone, 2. being the highlight colour peach, which is the set colour in all my eye makeup looks. Thus giving a softer look with blending and a neater finish, as thats one of the vital factors in the eyeshadows, that its about the fusion of colours in the eye makeup for the Modern Glamour look — high voltage without impact.  

For example for the eyeshadow technique see: Girly + Sweet Pin up Makeup Tutorial using Alice in Wonderland Palette.