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How to Apply Blush

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You’re unsure of where exactly to apply blusher best to the cheek area? You can’t go wrong if you smile at the mirror, and then put the left middle and left index fingers (see below in figure 1: finger-hand diagram).

(figure 1)

And lay these fingers sideways on nearest to your nostrils; at the base of them (see diagram below figure 2) and not from the top-side tip of your nose, that’s a different area altogether.  As this technique indicates and practices the ‘two finger width away from your nose’ rule of applying blusher to the cheek areas of the face. 

(figure 2)

As by doing this you locating that high-point of the cheek bone by feeling for it.  And that left index finger furthest away from the nostrils is the highest point of the cheeks and the bone of cheeks.  And if you tap, in an up and down motion, with that specific left index finger, you should therefore inevitably feel that bone of the cheek structure of the face.

That is in laymen’s term ‘the apple of the cheeks’, and it corresponds the same to the right cheek area using your right index finger and right middle finger on that side of the cheeks.

Thereof, even when you’re smiling or not, that cheek bone remains true and doesn’t move, although the flesh does, it makes no difference just as long as you’ve placed the blusher shade on the high-point of the cheek bone. 

Thereat that high point of your cheeks, the so-called apples, this is where you should brush on the colour: delicate rose, strawberry or soft apricot blusher shades flatter every woman.


Apple cheeks make you appear innocent and sensual. We all have cheek, but suits oval face shapes best.   Shading your temples will bring out your forehead, making your expression a little more angular and more elegant. This is for the heart shaped faces to adopt.   If you sweep the rouge right down to your jaw, you will seem stronger and more assertive and for a round shaped face its needed!

(and the separate blusher colours
which can be used for different skin tones)

Pink shade blush for pale skin tones only.

Rose Blush shade from pale skin to lightly tanned skin.

Strawberry shade blush from medium tan to
orange skin with warm skin undertones only.

Raspberry shade blush for dark brown and
ebony skin with warm/neutral skin undertones.

Terracotta blusher shade for light tan and
dark brown with cool/neutral skin undertones.

Purple blusher shade for ebony skin tones
with cool undertones.

And a blush duo (a mixed shade compact) gives you the versatility to mix and match shades, to define cheeks with the use of colour or switch from the lighter to deeper blush of that same shade family according to the season, evening or day-time or your mood by the use of how heavily or lightly its applied to the cheek area from the brush technique. And to make combinations work well one would need both a cool and warm toned blusher to act as a duet with different skin undertones which gives the best results for example:

Recommended Combo:
(Strawberry shade blush from medium tan to
orange skin with warm skin undertones only.)


Apple of Cheeks: Barry M Blusher in Strawberry
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Contour Cheek Hollows with: NYC Cheek Glow Westside Wine
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Highlight Cheekbones: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush No.7 (Peach Satin)
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Vivo Elizabeth French Definition
Blusher Powder
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NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder
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