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How to Apply False Eyelashes

In How to... on June 7, 2010 at 12:10 pm

To apply false eyelashes get a makeup swing mirror (see figure 1), using the magnifying part tilt it backwards to be between 157° and 174° of an obtuse angle (see figure 2 below). 

Then I only look into the bottom half of the mirror section, so that even though the head is slightly down, you can still see by looking downwards, the underside of the natural eyelashes, but most importantly I can see the upper lash line of my eye very clearly (see figure 3), as to make it seem that I’m looking upwards but that’s illusionary. 

Then followed the instructions leaflet that came with the false eyelash package and then the principle is usually always the same after that, but I still read it just in case.  and I find the angled tweezers are the best because it allows me to get as close to the mirror as possible, but afterwards, I use my fingers, being that my nails are short, I don’t have a problem in holding them into place on my upper eyelash line.

And to know when the false-ies have gone tacky, without taking off any glue from the strip band and not require a stop watch, I leave some excess glue on the back of my hand, so when that set of glue goes tacky I know, more or less, that my false eyelashes are ready to place on too (see figure 4 and 4a). 


                                 (Figure 1)


                              Figure 2 

                                                         Figure 3 

                                                           Figure 4