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Lips with a Hint of Summer

In Glam Look Critique on June 7, 2010 at 1:46 pm


Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Spot on. Both have been well executed. The lips have around them some hightlighting on the edges, whilst the lipsticks of both shades have a hint of gold shimmer to them without looking too frosty. 

The lipstick on the left would suit a woman who has a cool skin under-tone, whilst the one and the right would suit a woman with a warm skin undertone of any skin tone from pale to dark. 

In addition to this, they are both good for the summer season, that is being, the lips on the left perfect for those summer evenings, whilst the lips on the right is great for a day-time summer look.

And this above lipstick look of full lips could be adjusted to suit different lip shapes, as there is no excuse whatsoever in not pulling this makeup look off well, and the shade colour of lipsticks would suit all lip tones due to being berry shades which is ideal for summer time, for example:

(thin top lip mouth – summer lipstick)

 (Small mouth – summer lipstick)       

   (Wide mouth – summer lipstick)

(thin bottom lip – summer lipstick)