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Making the Most of Eyelashes

In Try-Out Makeup Looks on June 7, 2010 at 1:35 pm

Besides from the generic black mascara that defines the eyes, which is okay but I think it can be so easy just to reach for this automatically, I want to do something different for my eye contour to bring out the colour of the eyes more so. And I’ve tried this with the colours blue, plum and brown with very little success. So I’ve got two colours left on my list that I haven’t got round to experimenting with and have yet to see any images of this coloured mascara used even editorial on any woman of colour: red and bronze.

So first up with this exploration is the bronze mascara.

What I’m trying out currently to make the most of my eyelashes, in a brown, gold and bronze  to see if this looks less harsh than black mascara when not wearing false eyelashes that suit my eye colour (see figure 1 below of human eye colour chart), which is of a muted shade of brown.

And a bronze mascara that I’ll apply as a final coat, which I’ll combine with brown mascara as my first coat of application, on my natural black eyelashes.

And this is to see if it adds a three dimensional look to them, as well as not being seen as harsh to look at, particularly behind glasses, but still giving and having that pop of colour to them and hopefully it will suit my colouring of honey-beige/orange skin tone.

So, I’ll update this post with images when completed.


As you can see below from the image of my eyelashes with the bronze mascara (although better in real life), this turned out well, and even better with my glasses on, as it really brought my eyes further forward being short-sighted…I’m so happy!!! 

As its more noticable when the bronze mascara picks up the light it makes the eyes appear brighter, therefore acts as a highlight to the eyelashes, particularly when viewing the outer lash line, and also it can still be seen through eyeglasses. Wonderful.

Therefore achieving this experiment’s aim of a 3-dimensional eyelash look. And as well as being that the final coat of mascara was a bronze and a subdued metallic colour, it can be used for a day-time, everyday look and when not wearing false eyelashes.

Eye Used: My right eye with no other makeup eyeshadows applied and no primer on eyelid.  And after experiment all eye mascara used was easily removed by an eye makeup remover product.

Also, I’d like to point out that in the image below, my eyes has that thick ring of grey around the pupil naturally and isn’t a blurry picture nor coloured contact lenses! Just in case you were wondering. 


N.Y.C Thickening Mascara – black (one coat applied)

MUA Mascara – shade 4 brown (one coat applied)

Helen É Colour Magnification Mascara – Bronze (two coats applied)


First applied NYC Thicking Mascara in black, only because I have sparse eyelashes, however they are already curly naturally, so I have no need to eyelash curl them at all; when all they need is volume, and lengthening them would only make the mascara transfer, so I don’t use any mascara that does that either when not wearing false eyelashes, just need a thicking mascara, hence NYC mascara product. I applied one coat, and that’s all it required to add thickness and allowed to dry.   

Second stage, I added the MUA Mascara – shade 4, in brown because this would set and give the base to the change of colour that was finally going to be applied, one coat was applied (but two coats if one feels it necessary), and then allowed this to dry.

Final stage, I used the Helen É Colour Magnification in bronze, to give a three dimensional look to the eyelashes, only on the middle to the end tips of the eyelashes overall, but particularly concentrating to the outer corner of the eyelashes, and applied two coats as the product is well concentrated so it did this in less coats (more can be added if necesary) and allowed to dry for desired effect to be realised. 

Conclusion: Experiment successful.