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Modern Glam Daytime Looks

In Images on June 7, 2010 at 5:41 pm

To achieve a modern glamourous look that can be worn during the daytime, the best look is always with the placement of a pure mono eyeshadow look or alternatively, mono’s from the same colour family; all browns, with or without highlighting the brow bone.

But whatever is decided upon, it has to be extremely well blended to have a seamless finish.

And this daytime eye makeup look it can be with or without using an eye-liner (either on top and/or bottom lash-line), but the whole look must be with strong emphasis on thick eyelashes or false ones regardless.

For example see picture images below:

So when viewing the whole facial makeup application, it looks fresh but yet modern enough to look still glamourised, and that can be easier adjusted for the seasons as well as daytime events with other eye colour shadows being used such as purple for a wedding, garden party, and brown naturals for work or running errands around town etc., for example see images below: