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Glamourous Glasses and Makeup

In Images on June 7, 2010 at 12:43 pm

A ‘Look Book’ is photographs or images collected together in a book, sometimes on a given subject or along the lines of a theme, and perhaps with written notes as to why you chose this picture for your ‘Look Book’ (as seen below exemplar) and develop the reading of a makeup style. For Look-Books act as a reference source of inspiration, as examples that one can return to whenever the need arises.

As a ‘Look-Book’ also represents a presentation of a sample of what makeup styles can be achieved, and therefore provide the visual detail of one’s concept, such as in this case: Modern Glamour. For example, images of makeup styles for eye-glasses wearers who wish to emulate the Modern Glamour look, as seen in the below photographs:

PICTURE NUMBER ONE: The Amazonian Female Makeup. I liked the bronzed look, and the radiant finish to her face, in addition the simplicity of the eyes from the feathered eyelashes that rise to meet her glasses frame from above, as does the immediate outside of the eye-glasses echo this upward movement, that then bows down slightly at the centre eye bridge too. This makeup technique is also repeated to her lips in their form and the choice of lipstick colour.  Its a makeup look that all works well in balance with her glasses frames of the same tone: fortified by the Gods.

PICTURE NUMBER TWO: The Soft-focus Glam Makeup, for there is the makeup technique of using a highlight to the centre of her eyes, which the highlighter is matched at the bottom of her lip area. Its all about high definition in this makeup look. And the choice of makeup colours is then complimenting and matching the delicacy of the eye-glasses. Thus all is calm, relaxing, and very luxurious.

PICTURE NUMBER THREE: The Avant-garde Glamoour Makeup. It was noticed the use strong bold colours for the whole look to the face that echoed the glasses decoration: soft yet vivid with jewels on the glasses handles, that correspond to their eye-pupils liken to that of gemstones, and the top and bottom frame of the glasses matching also their eyebrow lines and colour. A very crafted look.

PICTURE NUMBER FOUR: The Dewy Makeup look. I liked the dewy makeup look application to her face, which continued for her lips, and along with the plum/rosewood colours used for her eyes, with the string of beads on the top of the eye glasses frames picks up on the dew of early morning to be found settled on the ground.


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