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Top Eye Lash Line makeup try-out

In Try-Out Makeup Looks on June 7, 2010 at 1:36 pm

I’m going to try out to make the most of my top eye lash line, are eyeliner gels in the shades of brown, gold, bronze, mint green, peach, grey and pink, (see below picture of the three stack gel eyeliner by the brand ‘Me Now France’ cosmetics, item no.3), which I purchased online, it also gets me out of my comfort zone once in awhile, but I won’t try out yet yellow, lilac or orange, to see if this looks less harsh than black eye-liner gel. 

First up the pink eyeliner gel….

For I already know that navy, silver/grey and claret eyeliner does nothing for my eye lash line, expect make it look smaller behind glasses and doesn’t go with my maroon metallic frames, total clash and only suited me when I was much younger now its so unkind booooo (navy), ghost-like and dull (silver/grey) and red sore eye lids or very anaemic, could even be both, not a good look (claret) for an eyeliner on me.

Therefore, inevitably, this particular eye-liner gel shade will depend upon another’s skin colour tone, to assess whether this would work for them too. It is also dependent upon whether the pink eye-liner shade, in this instance, could be for party, street-look or a camera-ready session only, if it is to be worn as a modern glamour eye-look.

So I thought I’d try out other colours in gel eye-liners which I hadn’t before, especially a pink, peach, grey and a green gel eye-liner and see what happens in conjunction with eyeshadows appropriate for the look I’m aiming for.

I’ll keep you posted…