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Modern Glam Evening Looks

In Images on June 10, 2010 at 5:10 pm

The difference between the Modern Glamour makeup look when it comes to the evening, is it doesn’t follow the rule of dramatic eyes and nude lips, nor does it do the Old Hollywood theme of strong red lips and minimum eyes using matte eyeshadows, and although it plays dress-up with glitter, and applied with a heavier hand on every cosmetic makeup product for the face; nor the full on burlesque look, that is, the 40’s retro look with its painted statement eyebrows usually in black, heavy eyeliner, two shades lighter matte foundation application, lots of face powder, bland cheeks because no contouring or blush is added, and bold lipstick. No. 

Motto: Modern Glamour is what you make it to be.

For the Modern Glamour eye makeup is always the most unusual, both in colour shades and technique, which also can be toned up or down by the use of matte, cream, frost or shimmer eyeshadows, to suit the personal expression of the woman, and for her face shape for example:


Next, when you see the whole Modern Glamour look in the context of the evening look, suddenly you realise, these women have an interesting take on modern life….for example: