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Highlighting and Contouring your face


In highlighting and contouring your face, *start with loose powder one shade lighter than the one used to set your foundation. Apply it with a wedge sponge to the T-zone, the area that’s always lighter; this is a guide for contouring other parts of your face as well.

With your contour brush, sweep deeper shades of pressed powder under your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose, and near your hairline, for soft yet subtle shading. If you feel you’ve gone too far, and you look like a character in Cats, dust loose powder over any of these areas to soften the effect.”


Sculpt Your Nose by Contouring

Few women are perfectly happy with the shape and size of their nose, for some women feel their nose is too big, some too wide and some, believe it or not, too small. Fortunately, make-up can be used to help improve the appearance of noses of all shapes and sizes.

When applying formal full makeup, particularly for evening, contouring the nose helps achieve colour balance for the whole face. Imagine what happens if you ignore the nose: colours everywhere on your face except for a blank spot in the centre.

Nose contouring is also a nifty trick worth mastering if you wish to sculpt your nose using highlighting and contouring techniques as given below.

Pooch & Nose are protruding fatty deposits between the eyelid and nose. Darkening recedes the pooch, creating an instant eye-lift. Dab directly on top of pooch 3 or 4 times avoiding contact with Sheer Concealer applied earlier. (Try eyebrow brush for hard to reach pooches!)

Flat Nose. Apply highlight down the centre of the nose, avoiding the sides. Smooth and blend down the centre.

Broad Nose. Slim down a broad nose with a foundation that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Sweep along the sides of the nose with a small, firm makeup brush. Start just below the inner corners of the eyebrows, and end at the sides of the nostrils. Stroke a lighter shade of foundation down the bridge of the nose. Blend well.

To slim down a wide nose at the bottom, apply a little dark foundation just above each nostril and blend it into your regular colour.

Narrow Nose. Sweep concealer that’s slightly darker than your natural skin tone down the centre of your nose. Then use a lighter shade on the sides of your nose and nostrils. To narrow your nose at the bridge, dot a little dark base at the top of the nose and at either side of the bridge.

Long Nose. Apply a foundation or concealer that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone onto the tip, between and around the nostrils. For a long nose, use a lighter shade on the lower half and a dark foundation on the nostrils, both at the front and underneath.

Also you can also use a lip brush to extend the corners of your mouth to give your face more favourable proportions.

For uneven noses, apply the dark foundation to the bump to disguise the flaw. Applying a line of foundation right down the centre of a nose can also make the nose look straighter.

Avoiding a shiny nose?

Skip Moisturizer. Skip the nose when you’re applying moisturizer before makeup.

Mattify. Look for makeup primers or moisturizers that have mattifying property to keep shine off for longer hours.

Powder Power. Powder helps to soak up excess sebum. Put on more powder around the nose, but making sure the finish still looks natural.


(* As seen in Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond
  for African - American Women)