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Nude Modern Glamour

In Glam Look Critique on June 16, 2010 at 10:31 pm

It’s very rare for me to even like nude makeup looks of any kind, as I think that 9¾ times out of 1o, most women look bloody awful, no matter their skin tone, something never seems to look right (see below figure 1), most of the time its the lipstick gone awol, as it washes them out completely without even getting to the pale and interesting stage.

Those who attempt this look; be they amateur or professional, most don’t bother with a certain part of the cosmetic artistry, so it ends up askew with a warped overall look what-you-may-call-it theme going on, with overdone eyes of differing colours, here, there and in-between, then finished with an extreme washed-out nude lips of an unfamiliar shade, I think the lipstick was called ‘Eek’ because of the impression it created.  Then they state that somehow its a ‘makeup rule’ to do it thata way. Who are they trying to convince?

Or they skip all of that completely and all we see is bare cheeks and nude lips. Note: this isn’t supposed to be about doing a ‘natural makeup’ look you know which starts and stays nearly bare. There. You see? No. What was I meant to be looking at?  

(Figure 1)


Definition of Nude Modern Glamour Makeup:

An ethereal quality to the overall look, that in its detail, mutes down the tonal shade of a specific colour wheel family: brown, champagne, beige, chestnut, cashmere, mink, suede, taupe etc., and strips aways, peel after peel that tones range hence the term nude; to make bare by the viewing of the makeup look.

However, it should still suit the skin colouring and also there must be specific features of the face that are in multiple play from the nude colour spectrum of transfiguration that occurred in the process of stripping, because whats on display in makeup application when finished is the hues combined of that tonal shades colour, that was made nude for the presentation.

Therein a Nude Modern Glamour cosmetic artistry due to retaining its mystery, is so perfect for going on a date with a male to initiate attraction, as that’s the makeup’s message thats to be communicated — ethereal.


As the objective to the Modern Nude Glamour look should be an ‘ethereal’ concept to the cosmetic artistry, and that would then be perfect for that all important ‘Going on a Date Makeup Look’ that females want.

S0, this look bowled me over completely….you’ll see why….as the following image below to that of a nude modern glamour look done well (with or without the eyeglasses) : 

(Priyanka Chopra – actress)

For this particular Makeup Artist has made an effort in the image of the actress Priyanka Chopra, in contouring the cheek area and in using the chosen colour shade of what suited her colouring best, and worked with that for all of her facial qualities; to bring all the features together from the similar tonal colour family as a key part of the Nude Modern Glamour look.

Thus herein lays that second key I believe, in achieving a nude makeup look: is that it has to have an added interest, this one in the image above being that of the eyeglasses as a focal point, and without the eyeglasses, it would still come down to the cheeks being the main focal point and not the secondary one.

All considered however, it all corresponds to make it a complete look, and not one that’s been left undone to gather dust. 

Thank you for doing this nude makeup look, as it means I’ve still a little faith left in what it can do to a woman’s features. [Aside comment: her expressed * sigh of relief * could be heard from miles around….]