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3 Divine Eyeshadow Palettes

In Product Reviews on June 18, 2010 at 1:28 pm


From left to right the names of the Divine Eyeshadow
Palettes are:
Storm 578, Good Girl 576 (limited edition), and Sunset 568  


Items: Palette no. 578 (earth toned shades), Palette no. 576 (berry shades) and Palette no. 568 (cool shades)

Available from: Sleek online store

Suitability: all skin tones (pale to dark) and all eye colours.

Disclaimer: these products were purchased by me directly.



I’ve been building this collection slowly because although a very reasonable price for a palette of 12 shades, I felt the need to purchase only that which I would wear regularly.

So the latest one brought by me was the ‘Good Girl’ palette, although it is a limited edition, I do hope they put this one in their permanent collection of merchandise for sale.

And this is because the ‘Good Girl’ palette is so very versatile to wear as eye-shadows for different combinations of makeup application for the everyday glam look whereupon you want it to be subtle without being over done.

Which okay, is what some of the brown shades in the earth-toned ‘Storm’ and cooler shades of ‘Sunset’ palettes would do as eyeshadow, but the berrys category in the ‘Good Girl’ palette gives one a break from the ‘standard’ neutrals, and is therein a ‘touchstone’ neutral, that adds to this ‘go-to’ everyday product colour range, that is without the need, unless you’re after a particular makeup style, to call upon other additional eyeshadow colours from elsewhere to make it work well.