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How to Blend Eyeshadows

In How to... on June 18, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Choose three eye-shadow shades (you can do more but that’s an advanced technique) which really compliment each other, and use an eye shadow Blending Brush (see the different types below), that is to subtly blend and merge the colours into each other.

Use circular blending motion (see diagram below) with the blending brush to soften the eye shadow intensity too, particularly at the outer corners of the eye and at the crease area of the eye.


The more you blend the more the colours merge, and you might have to re-apply the eye shadow colour again if you’ve gotten carried away with blending, so if you reach a point and it looks like what you’re after — Stop Right There — because you will have to make sure you do exactly the same blending for the other eye to ensure their balanced with each other.

So this is when mastering blending techniques is practiced for certain eye makeup looks and essential to cosmetic artistry.