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Lush Luxe Lime Eyeshadow Inspiration

In Makeup Colour Combos on June 19, 2010 at 5:39 pm

I’ve felt inspired to try out a new eye makeup look! I’ll be doing this look with all drug store eye-shadow makeup products, from single mono compacts and not from a palette, as it has to be, as a yellow-green lime shade (in a metallic finish) isn’t a common quad colour for this look, even though it would suit most eyelids. However I did find online a lime eyeshadow quad (see picture on the right), and I’ll also mention that it was particularly hard to find that nice rich milk chocolate brown eyehadow for the crease line too, but I managed through high and low, therein they are both such an under-estimated eyeshadow colour.

And this inspiration came about due to, would you believe it, a nail varnish colour (one of my favourite summer colours) and a graphic image, fashion dresses in the colour of lime that I could also wear well for the body too and other beauty blogger’s photographs and a luxurious vase of that colour (see below my Eye-Shadow Inspiration Board). The Yellow Green colour is officially called ‘chartreuse‘ a french word because its between these two colours, but to some its still a lime colour in laymen’s terms.

As its a colour shade that I could work with and to benefit my eye shape and iris colour of brown too, but I’ll do it differently in adaptation, that is I’ll try and incorporate an earth toned lilac eyeshadow that has a mute finish eyeshadow shade near the tear duct which might open up my eye further as they are close set (see at the end of page my colour palette range). And by using the eyeshadow technique for blending the shades together of lilac, pale lime, yellow-green, dark lime, rich milk chocolate brown, warm rust dark sand, and a salmon highlighter under the brow eye shadows. As I’m hoping to give this lime eye shadow look a lustre texture to it: as taken from various inspiring sources, when done blending.

Additionally, I definitely think it will all go well with my skin tone of orange/honey-beige too (for example, see eyeshadow swatches of lime and yellow-green on the right).

And using these green and brown eyeshadow colours, it will also overall compliment my metallic maroon eyeglasses frames that I wear, but if I didn’t have these particular coloured eyeglass frame, I would incorporate a rich purple into the palette too, however, I don’t need to do that personally due to the eyeglass frames making that colour known in my eye area. Plus to complete this makeup look, I will use a blackcurrant lip liner with a lavender lipstick to finish the look with the appropriate blush shade.




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