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The Optimum Peach Indulgence Eyeshadow Inspiration

In Makeup Colour Combos on June 23, 2010 at 4:26 pm

I just couldn’t resist. I mean who could? Its been the main stay of many-a glamourous looks, peach-orange and its never been taken for granted by the connoisseur’s of a pure indulgent feast, such as myself is inclined with my food deserts upper most in my mind, makeup is on par with this. Well, it was the same affect that occurred with the Baolishi quad eyeshadow of shimmer of delectable colours caught my eye, I felt inspired once again for my just desserts (sic), and I say without any guilt involved on my part that: good thing there’s only one applicator to spare, so no shares there.  As a drugstore product you’ll be able to purchase you own or something similar as a palette as I once did and yet again, for its a colour I can’t seem to get enough of  — I hope it never ceases.

As this inspiration came from, a peach cobbler dish, a nail art design, a peach blossom perfume bottle, fashion images, a swag of hair colour, a peach and cranberry vase and other beauty bloggers photographs (see below my Eye-Shadow Inspiration Board). The Peach-Orange colour is one my favourites which is officially named after a fruit, and the etymology of the color peach (and the fruit) comes from the Middle English peche, derived from Middle French, in turn derived from Latin persica, i.e., the fruit from Persia. In actuality, the ultimate origin of the peach fruit was from China.  But my favourite shade Peach-Orange is the closest to the actual color of the regular (not white) varieties of peach fruit, such as the Elberta peach and the Yellow Cling peach

For this colour of peach, apricot, dark orange and peach-orange have been the bases, like brown, in my makeup collection for some time and I incorporate this shade of eyeshadow with most of my looks either as a lower eyelid colour or as a highlighter, mainly because it suits my skin-tone (see example of the shade swatch on right) and really does seem to make my close-set eyes pop: that its attracts the viewer to appreciate the rendering of all the other colours that have been blended with it, you know the other thing leads to another scenario….

However, it give it my own intrepretation, I will be adding the colour cranberry into my palette range (see below at the end of the page the eyeshadow colour) as I’ve found very little eyemakeup looks bearing this colour, so its rarity means I can indulge in this exploration to wet my creative palette. So without further ado, as I’m so peachy-keen to share my inspirational motivation for adapting this look to suit my facial qualities herewith:




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