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In the Round…Face Blushing

In Glam Look Critique on July 31, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Okay, I know that some people and Makeup Artists avoid using the round shaped face in their portfolio work, and most women with this type of face shape do the obvious when it comes to applying blusher, and are normally satisfied with putting it on the apples of the cheeks, or along their cheek bone…


Okay, it looks fine for an everyday look, and you could get away with this minimal blush application if you want to appear like a yummy-lovee, whose attractive as the girl next door type, but it isn’t exactly going to turn anyone’s head now is it? No.

But this is:

(Actress: Rani Mukherjee)

And the reason why is because the Makeup Artist has used the proper technique for applying blush to a round-faced female, of what I’d term cosmetically as the ‘Arch Blush Method’. Let me critique it for you:  

The Makeup Artist has applied the blush from the temple to arch at her cheek bone, then continuing down with the blush in a semi-arch that fills that entire area of the cheek to the jawline, which ends in another soft arch shape at the beginning of her chin, and they used the lightest shade of blush for doing this.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They then followed by actually contouring the cheekbone in a darker shade of blush, in a short arched stroke from the hair sideburn position near the ears to the middle of the cheekbone, however the Makeup Artist of this work ensured that it didn’t run over the lightest shade of blush, but leaves about an inch spare above and on the side of the cheeks in the light blush that is still showing. 

Overall effect: Perfection.

Also for further examples proceeding this is the makeup blush application using the exact same model in all five images to show the versatility of the round faced model.

Firstly with no blush applied although she still looks good because its based upon a take-me-serious concept, and in the second photograph she’s got on that blush application of a yummy-lovee that will do look, then in the third central picture, there’s the formal full-on-cheek-look to wear with glasses, and then the girl-next-door type makeup in the fourth photograph, and lastly a very modern glamourous makeup image made for seduction. All these uses of blush application on a single round faced woman, as seen in the visual photographs below as follows:



( Model: Doutzen Kroes )

On the top first which has no blush applied to the makeup look which can still be done for a neutral going-on-a-date look, and the second yummy-loveee makeup look solely on the cheekbone blush application still has a glamourous makeup look, although both are still suitable for the working office, with or without glasses as seen in the third photograph. Whilst below this on the left above is the standard blush application used for an everyday look which the round faced woman can do, for running errands around town as seen in the picture on the bottom left above. But to make it look glamourous and sexy, then the proper technique for a round face woman which can be applied that is so perfect for those evenings out which is shown in the picture on the bottom right directly above.

Now you all know that the round faced woman has these five options of blush application, and is the only type of face shape out of them all that can adjust and transform herself thus, as there is no “supposed to…” makeup rule for her blush application only the proper technique to suit the occasion need apply.

As when it comes to face blushing and being in the round its because her cheeks and its bone structure is the perfect blank canvas for blush application from basic, advanced and to experimental, and its one of her best features of her facial qualities that can be enhanced in so many different ways due to it being round that makes her glamourous and appealing to others who can’t help but turn and look her way….often.