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Exotic Blonde Hair and Makeup Looks

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The typical reaction of most people when black women go blonde, is that its often thought that black women want to look like white women. This is in fact wrong as to that egotistical/vain notion, as nothing couldn’t be further from the truth; it isn’t about the stereo-type of being classified as a white female blonde bimbo, who also claims to have more fun in life, natural-born or otherwise, and nor is it done to ridicule blonde haired white females, so there is no need to take offence by black women going blonde with their hair nor mock them in return as a pay-back in society, as the reason why black women wear blonde hair has to be categorised aside. 

For on the contrary, this virtuous action on the part of black women, that also says more about the mixed race females in this world symbolically; as there was and this is about “The Blonde African” in Ethnohistory, which is a term used for studying ethnographic cultures and indigenous customs, that was carried out by a scientific research strategy in the field of Social Science, particularly in Anthropology and in some branches of Sociology, by examining the historical records.

Because in Ancient times, in Africa, the women of a tribe would weave a lion’s mane (see picture aside on the left) into their natural hair to signify ‘strength’ and ‘power’ as with regards to their character, which has been made explicit in the visual presentation of their hairstyle.  As in reality of the animal lion’s mane, it can vary from dark blonde to light golden blonde, which has come to be symbolised as strength, power and leadership by the use of metaphors in the social world, as so too in the community which is the woman’s domain; as to depict an ‘Alpha-Omega Female’ type as a character trait generally.

So this tradition of going blonde with ones hair goes back a very long way.  Its just now in Modern times; a woman can dye her hair blonde, or weave the blonde hair into her own, as well as having hair extensions, or wearing a blonde wig if she so wishes. The difficult part is matching the makeup to go with that particular blonde hair colour as well as the skin tone that suits a woman. 

And the examples given above on this page shows how it can be achieved as a “Glamour Statement” with both the hair and makeup for an exotic look, as well as still signifying ‘strength’ and ‘power’ for them but in a completely modern manner as to still respect ancient traditions and with the value of being a personal expression.

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