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Makeup Artistry: the look perfected

In Images on March 20, 2011 at 10:03 pm

What have I learnt in my Makeup Artistry for 2010:

I believe makeup artistry really is about makeup perfected (see below images) and an improvement in one’s standard in its execution. And what I’ve learnt during 2010 when applying makeup, that to get my makeup look as to be ‘artistry’ really means taking one’s time, that is, I’ve found out that if I take my time in-between each application, giving the product a time to settle onto the face, I roughly estimate that I wait five minutes or so before I apply the next cosmetic item, then what the results are is that similar to those pictures as seen below.

And the benefit from this makeup artistry of taking one’s time wasn’t just cosmetic (excuse pun), what was totally unexpected, was it lasted nearly all day without it being necessary to retouch, and secondly I never looked ‘cakey’ within a few hours, I still looked immaculate which is what, I believe makeup artistry is all about, as to aim for a perfected makeup look when practiced and not rushed, and I was so pleased with myself when I got it, finally!! 

On a side note for what I also learnt makeup wise during 2010: is that I’ve found out that gun-metal cream eyeliner looks fantastic on the upper lash line and so does lime green eyeliner underneath on the lower lash line making brown eyes pop, particularly on those who use Mac NC45 foundation.