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Modern Glam and Bold Eye-Glasses

In Glam Look Critique on August 24, 2011 at 10:18 am

When I saw this advertisement whilst waiting in the Medical Health Centre, it was something that I just had to post here on my Modern Glamour blog and share; its from the ‘Vogue’ magazine issued November 2010, at first my daughter said “typical of you to reach for that one” in a tat-tsk-tat tossing eyes to the ceiling manner that she does so well, as I started to flick the pages over as something to read/browse through as we waited for our appointment time, and I said “can’t be helped as it was on the top of the pile” in a matter of fact way, as she thinks I’m a style-intellectual rather than being a fad-follower or modern-new-age trendsetter, as she knows I would have searched the pile of magazines until I’m came across something to my taste.

And yes, as I place the open palm of my left hand to my chest gently-like; in an expression of sincere honesty with a bowed head nod, my confessional is that I tore the above picture page advert from the magazine. For whilst I ripped out the page in a discreet way as possible my daughter hissed and said “I can’t believe you’ve just done that!” she stressed the word believe with emphasis whilst the rest of the sentence speech related her shock at my action. As its something I don’t usually succumb to and I replied in a nonchalant tone “yes, but how often do you see this in a magazine such as Vogue??!!”, as I folded it up and placed it into my coat pocket, for which my daughter replied to my explaination in the meantime “true” in a curt statement-y manner for she had gathered her composure by then, as we whispered to each other as the deed was done. Don’t worry, no text was lost from the other side of the page, just another advertisement which wasn’t relevant and there were plenty of other types such as ‘Heat’ and ‘Grazia’ magazines to chose from whilst waiting in the Medical Health Centre reception area for others to read.

And what caught my eye and also impressed my daughter too, was the use of not only the bold red lipstick which suits the bold framed glasses, thats a standard for those who wear heavier looking frames, whom know its a way to even-out the differentials, and to balance the face to be in proportion with each other and not contesting for a dominate position visually in the facial features.

All well and good, for what exactly caught our attention was four things: the eyebrows of each model, the eyes behind the spectacles giving different interpretions to how their worn with alot of makeup next to no little, along with the different skin tones of each model of differing ethnicity, and what the overall look would be but still using the same red lips and eye-glasses on each of the models. And I was also impressed by the variation of blush application and its placement, as its something I’ve still yet to master how to do it with proficiency I will admit.

For I did notice as well a new contouring and highlighting makeup concept for me to practice also, and that is the technique of putting the pale ‘highlighter’ shimmery shade, which is usually the chosen finish, rather than a pale matte concealer depending on cheekbone space, but I suppose either one will do for this; directly at the bottom of the eye glasses frame underneath, which is situated on the highest part of the cheekbone in a triangular shape; instead of the usual diagonal line struck across the cheeks above the blusher, which is a standard way of doing it when not wearing eye-glasses.

And I can see by the picture above that this new technique of triangular highlighting at the bottom end the glasses has been done to bring the eyes along with the frames forward more to enhance the whole face in synergy, that is instead of just only then concentrating on bring the eyes out (as to also hide under-eye bags and dark circles using concealer) to make the necessary 3-D effect of the makeup upon the facial feature, which was given this treatment due to being unintentionally affected largely because of the flat ornamentation of the glasses.

And this has been the first time I’ve seen this attitude given towards a modern glamour makeup look with eye-glasses being worn, which actually does what its suppose to do, that is, transformation even from an ordinary everyday face, that the differences are so subtle but it makes you want to take a second to learn something anew, and time again to appreciate the craft of makeup even more. Thank you for the inspiration.