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The Bronze Emphasis Effect – Not for the Faint-Hearted.

In Glam Look Critique on June 7, 2010 at 12:35 pm

Bronzing up as by using a powdered formula or adding tone to the skin complexion by using a liquid formula, which the latter is what I use it for givng that effect desired.  And it is wonderful when done right, and I’ve mentioned this on my other blog: Face Makeup & FAQ regarding how bronzing is  done for different skin tones and reasons, so I won’t repeat that how-to makeup information here, but I’ll critique the skill of applying bronzers below.

For when it goes wrong, (as figure 1 shows below) its because the Makeup Artist had been trying too too hard, for such a careless swipe of the bronzing brush without any thoughts but an after one, and why, when they needn’t have bothered…

(Figure 1) 

As I believe with the above model’s looks, it would be hard to believe she could have even tanned that colour naturally more or less it be added on as a product. Although I quite understand what the Makeup Artist was going for so I sympathise: an urban sophisticated tribal theme, which wasn’t pulled off due to the actual use of bronzer overload, as well as having her delicate facial features in general looking like she’s carrying too much weight on her face, and that should be left to other facial shapes who might need it.

As I think to de-emphasis her protruding forehead which the bronzing technique used has highlighted perhaps unintentionally, it would have been better to just have applied the bronzer across her nose, the sides of her temples, and under her jaw-line for a ‘touched by the sun’ look to her classical oval face shape, and that would have given it that particular look of urban sophistication, as those whose studied social science as a subject can relate to this concept of modern-day tribalism in this makeup context.

However, when bronzer is applied to correctly, it gives an added emphasis to the qualities of the face, even though their foreheads are on show, the bronzing powder is in proportion to their overall face-shape, and gives the skin that dimension (see two models below in figures 2 and 3) of a glow that seems part of their own complexion rather than just sitting on top of their skin, as its synergised with their makeup application to be absolutely rendered flawless. The actual ‘kissed by the sun’ look to the face.

(figure 2)

(figure 3)

Which makes one speechless to say the least, and I think its better that way to be lost for words and for heterosexual males to drool over but not quite touch in case they spoil the effect where bronzed glamour in concerned, that is, rather than finding any words that would fail the makeup look of any style beside this one, as the emphasis on bronzing has such high standards. That’s why its usually called the “Bronze Goddess Makeup Look’ by those women who practice this high glamour cosmetic art.