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Make-up and thick eye-glasses

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Myself (on top left) and another person who wears thick eye glass, looking good with her thick-lenses eye glasses as an inspiration to still put on makeup and practice self care. And the others too below who look very glamorous.



Makeup Artistry: the look perfected

In Images on March 20, 2011 at 10:03 pm

What have I learnt in my Makeup Artistry for 2010:

I believe makeup artistry really is about makeup perfected (see below images) and an improvement in one’s standard in its execution. And what I’ve learnt during 2010 when applying makeup, that to get my makeup look as to be ‘artistry’ really means taking one’s time, that is, I’ve found out that if I take my time in-between each application, giving the product a time to settle onto the face, I roughly estimate that I wait five minutes or so before I apply the next cosmetic item, then what the results are is that similar to those pictures as seen below.

And the benefit from this makeup artistry of taking one’s time wasn’t just cosmetic (excuse pun), what was totally unexpected, was it lasted nearly all day without it being necessary to retouch, and secondly I never looked ‘cakey’ within a few hours, I still looked immaculate which is what, I believe makeup artistry is all about, as to aim for a perfected makeup look when practiced and not rushed, and I was so pleased with myself when I got it, finally!! 

On a side note for what I also learnt makeup wise during 2010: is that I’ve found out that gun-metal cream eyeliner looks fantastic on the upper lash line and so does lime green eyeliner underneath on the lower lash line making brown eyes pop, particularly on those who use Mac NC45 foundation.


Exotic Blonde Hair and Makeup Looks

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(& its history):
















The typical reaction of most people when black women go blonde, is that its often thought that black women want to look like white women. This is in fact wrong as to that egotistical/vain notion, as nothing couldn’t be further from the truth; it isn’t about the stereo-type of being classified as a white female blonde bimbo, who also claims to have more fun in life, natural-born or otherwise, and nor is it done to ridicule blonde haired white females, so there is no need to take offence by black women going blonde with their hair nor mock them in return as a pay-back in society, as the reason why black women wear blonde hair has to be categorised aside. 

For on the contrary, this virtuous action on the part of black women, that also says more about the mixed race females in this world symbolically; as there was and this is about “The Blonde African” in Ethnohistory, which is a term used for studying ethnographic cultures and indigenous customs, that was carried out by a scientific research strategy in the field of Social Science, particularly in Anthropology and in some branches of Sociology, by examining the historical records.

Because in Ancient times, in Africa, the women of a tribe would weave a lion’s mane (see picture aside on the left) into their natural hair to signify ‘strength’ and ‘power’ as with regards to their character, which has been made explicit in the visual presentation of their hairstyle.  As in reality of the animal lion’s mane, it can vary from dark blonde to light golden blonde, which has come to be symbolised as strength, power and leadership by the use of metaphors in the social world, as so too in the community which is the woman’s domain; as to depict an ‘Alpha-Omega Female’ type as a character trait generally.

So this tradition of going blonde with ones hair goes back a very long way.  Its just now in Modern times; a woman can dye her hair blonde, or weave the blonde hair into her own, as well as having hair extensions, or wearing a blonde wig if she so wishes. The difficult part is matching the makeup to go with that particular blonde hair colour as well as the skin tone that suits a woman. 

And the examples given above on this page shows how it can be achieved as a “Glamour Statement” with both the hair and makeup for an exotic look, as well as still signifying ‘strength’ and ‘power’ for them but in a completely modern manner as to still respect ancient traditions and with the value of being a personal expression.

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Inspirational Cornflower Blue Eyeshadow

In Images on July 22, 2010 at 11:50 pm

I chose this eyeshadow colour of “Cornflower blue” or ‘Azure’ because it can be used for all skin tones: from the very pale to the very dark female (see below the second and third editorial makeup images in ‘My Inspirational Eyeshadow Board’ as examples, as well as what the cornflower blue flower and fashion dress looks like against the black background of the other images below too, it still makes an impression yes, therefore the ebony girl could easily wear this eyeshadow) and that is regardless of facial undertones, because of its warm and neutral tone from the pure colour blue thereby a complimentary eyeshadow. 

Thus combines the elements of a good eyeshadow to work in many ways, and should be one that I reckon to be; a stable in most people’s makeup collection, but it isn’t, its an unsung eyeshadow colour. 

And as I got older as a woman, I couldn’t find a blue that really suited my tanned/honey beige skin. As most blues were either too cool in tone, therefore making it look harsh and ageing, or too dark (looking like one has acquired a black eye isn’t attractive, I think most would agree), apart from navy blue which I wore as an eyeliner, which is okay.

For, I think as a woman ages, she needs to develop the cosmetic artistry of changing with her maturity of acquired taste in makeup: electric blues are more flirty, navy blues are conservative in mood. So one needed an eyeshadow blue that reflects a softness, modern and yet strong enough to be noticed still, as to be found in Cornflower blue to represent one’s ultimate femininity in the world. 

Thus I was always on the look-out for a blue that, worked well for any age group, and could and would become a colour that would be easy to blend with other blues and greys, plus the other subsequent colours mentioned below when doing a certain look, or be used on its own.

However, I have now found that accent shade in cornflower blue as that mainstay colour for working harmoniously overall with the other blues in its colour family as well as analogously.

And that would be the mid-tone colour: azure, as it has the quality of warm earth and neutral; to work well with gold and silvers as well as across the spectrum, such as for example bronze, brown, purple, lime and sage green, salmon pink, beige champagne and russet reds, being the accent to the eye complimenting these kind of shades in the colour wheel.

As there are so many pretenders to this true blue colour, its so hard to find it in whatever finish: shimmer or matte, and also in any shape or form from a mono compact, although eventually I did managed to find a ‘Cornflower blue’ in the ‘Azure’ colour range, that being the number 330 from the brand Rimmel London (see picture above on the left) as a drugstore product, but not in a quad or even in a palette along with other blues that is widely available. I guess now I’m feeling the blues….

Cornflower blue, a shade of azure, is a shade of light blue with relatively little green compared to blue.  Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) are among the few “blue” flowers that are truly blue, most “blue” flowers being a darker blue-purple.


A Cornflower, or bachelor’s button, is a plant belonging to the genus Centaurea, especially Centaurea cyanus.  The name of the genus is derived from the Centaur, Chiron, who taught mankind the healing virtue of herbs. The stems are 1 to 3 feet high, tough and wiry, slender, furrowed and branched, somewhat angular and covered with a loose cottony down. The leaves, very narrow and long, are arranged alternately on the somewhat dull and gray appearance. The lower leaves are much broader and often have a roughly-toothed outline. The flowers grow solitary, and of necessity upon long stalks to raise them among the corn. The bracts enclosing the hard head of the flower are numerous, with tightly overlapping scales, each bordered by a fringe of brown teeth. The inner disk florets are small and numerous, of a pale purplish rose colour. The bright blue ray florets, that form the conspicuous part of the flower, are large, widely spread, and much cut into.

Cornflower symbolism

Because of its blue color, the cornflower was symbolic of heaven.

The Latin name, Cyanus, was given the Cornflower as it was the goddess Flora’s (Cyanus) favourite.  Bachelor’s-buttons, as you might suspect from the Latin genus and species, have a bit of folklore under its belt. Cyanus was a youth in Greek legend who worshipped Chloris (or Flora), and spent every waking hour gathering flowers for her altar. When he died, the goddess gave his name to the plant, though some believed she turned him into the plant.

Columbine, from the Latin columba, (or dove, which refers to the alleged resemblance of the flowers to a gathering of doves,) has a little more interesting folklore going for it. It was once called “lion’s herb”, because it was believed those great felines ate it. As a consequence, people believed that by merely rubbing their hands with it, they became more courageous and daring.

In the “language of flowers” or floral symbolism, the cornflower symbolizes contentment with unmarried life, therefore its a single woman’s plant who is enjoying that status of her liberty and at her pleasure.

It also is a symbol of the CIS (formerly USSR), and represents “abundance” when it is depicted in Russian heraldry.

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Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Inspiration

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‘Brocade’ fabric material –
definition and explaination

Matte Eyeshadow Glamourous Looks

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Red Redivivus – Living Again!!

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Glamourous Mature Women

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Prom Makeup Glam Looks

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Nude Modern Glamour Date Makeup

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